Commercial PhotoVoltaic Services in Florida

The average cost of energy rises every year. As a matter of fact, in the past 10 years, many areas of our country have seen the price of electricity increase to as much as 10% on average or more. If no action is taken, things will not get better without action on our part and your electric bill will continually increase. Do something about it and invest in your business by switching to solar energy. Using solar energy for businesses has multiple benefits that you will see once you switch to a Solar PV System.

A Smart Investment

In today’s world, energy prices are continually rising. PV Systems have a guaranteed return on investment and are an excellent investment for your business. For instance, an average solar system will produce $45,000 worth of electricity in 10 years. All of our PhotoVoltaic panels at 3-D Solar are GUARANTEED for 25 years! This means that your business is guaranteed an estimated $100,000 of electricity. The cost of energy is only going up and will continue to rise.

Commercial PV System - 3D Solar in Odessa, FLHigher Property Value

In today’s world, realtors find that businesses that have invested in Solar PV Systems are selling faster and making more money compared other properties that aren’t. Professional appraisers estimated for every $1 in savings generated by a Solar PV System, you can see up to an estimated $20 increase in property value! In summary, a system that makes/saves $100 a month in electricity equals a property value increase of $20,000!

Government Incentives

Incentives provided by Local, State, and Federal Power Company Programs have been known to reduce the up-front costs of a PV System by up to 85%! 3D Solar is full of expert staff members that specialize in finding all of the incentives that are available for your project. We are committed to making sure that you can take advantage of every opportunity available. So what are you waiting for? There is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

About 3D solar

Solar Energy Experts in Florida

3D Solar is a licensed and insured Florida State certified solar contractor.  We sell, install, and service all types of solar energy systems in Florida, including photovoltaic panels.  Our goal is to help residents in the area to make their homes more energy efficient and, in doing so, drastically reduce their monthly power bills and carbon footprints.

Establishing 3D Solar in 2013, David Ringo used his extensive experience in the solar energy industry to create a company that utilizes the highest level of craftsmanship to give customers a solar energy product that is engineered to perform and built to last. 3D Solar takes pride in being the most skilled solar technicians in the area, and we would be delighted to put those skills to good use for you.